Gamification & Blockchain & Ai

Caring your pet with Love

Keep, educate and train pets with the gamification technique and with the help of artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Petup is not just a pet care platform, but also uses Gamification, Blockchain and Ai technologies to achieve the following goals for pet owners


Daily and monthly goals are set for pet owners who earn points by passing them.


Learning how to care and train your pet, also pay more attention to them.


If a reward is considered in something, And if done in a game, the motivation to do it increases.


You earn the crypto currency of this platform, also by buying the NFTs that are offered, you invest for your future.

Earn Money

Who pays more attention to their pet extracts the crypto currency related to this platform just as much.


The system of this platform is such that it takes care of the pet and is entertainment for the pet owner.

What is innovative about Petup?

joystick chart

What is big change

Games in the Past

Decades ago, games were designed and built to entertain people only, and everyone, especially gamers, looked at games with the goal of spending time and entertainment.

Games Now

in recent years, game developers have set goals other than entertainment for revenue purposes. And they have even added investment to their games, such as blockchain and NFT-based games, most of which follow the Play to Earn philosophy. In this way, the audience of these games will earn money if they spend a lot of time on them and can complete various missions well.

Games in the Future

In the next few years, games will be popular, in addition to meeting the entertainment, financial and investment goals of users, they will also meet the social goals and improve the personal lives of users, and the Play to Earn philosophy will be turned into Play to Grow philosophy and this platform follows this philosophy.

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