Project Brief:

The general image of the Petup is to keep, educate and train pets with the gamification technique and with the help of artificial intelligence and blockchain. In this way, pet owners in this platform, by turning their pet care into a game, increase their motivation to do so and make it possible for them to take care of their pet with more pleasure in an indefatigable manner.

This platform, or better to say, this game works in such a way that for the pet owner, daily and monthly goals and adventures are considered, and by checking these goals, he will gain more points in this platform. Obviously speaking, for example, when a pet owner takes his pet for a walk, if he turns on his phone’s camera on this platform, the platform will detect by the artificial intelligence that the pet owner has taken his pet for a daily walk. And this goal is checked and points are scored. In fact, the amount of points is the cryptocurrency of this platform that anyone can transfer to their wallet or buy accessories for their pet (for example, a gold collar) in the form of NFT.


Phase 01

Only Pet Owners

The system of this platform is such that everyone who pays more attention to their pet extracts the cryptocurrency related to this platform just as much.


Phase 02

Farmers & Ranchers

In this phase, farmers and ranchers can also access the game. Similarly, in the form of Gamification, daily, monthly and annual goals are considered for farmers and ranchers, and whoever has more productivity of their products, in fact, extracts more cryptocurrency in this platform.


Phase 03

Environmental & Social Goals

In this phase, environmental and social goals will enter the platform, for example, endangered animals such as Numbat will be offered as NFT on the platform, and the proceeds from the sale of NFT to endangered animals will be used to help them survive.