Why Pet Industry?

Today, the billion-dollar pet industry has become an opportunity to start a dream-like and incredible business. On the other hand, according to research, keeping pets can reduce stress, increase mental concentration, longer life, and create an emotional relationship, especially for the elderly and the sick.

More than ever, pet owners see their pets as a family and strive to provide them with a higher quality of life and more care. globally, the pet industry has grown from $ 216 billion in 2020 to $ 232 billion in 2021 and is estimated to reach $ 350 billion in 2027.

The industry is experiencing explosive growth every year, and no factor such as an economic recession or a corona pandemic can stop the money-making industry from moving forward. There are 29 million pets in Australia today, and according to statistics, 61% of Australian households and 67% of American households keep pets in their homes.

Stiff competition among retailers or wholesalers in the field of pet industry shows the potential of this industry. For example, traditional and modern retail giants such as Wal-Mart and Amazon are expanding their operations in this area to gain market share.

Jobs in the pet industry are divided into two categories:



Traditional occupations:

Currently, the traditional occupations include factories producing food, clothing and pet products, importers and exporters and retailers of these products, veterinarians, pet trainers, and soforth. These occupations basically rely on the main actors and investors of this industry.



Modern jobs:

While retail stores have seen a slow increase in purchases, the online pet market has nearly quadrupled since 2013. In recent years, these start-ups have attracted the attention of investors to the pet industry with their acceptable progress, and the value of investing in modern jobs is becoming less risky and more profitable than traditional jobs. These include all online pet stores, online service providers, and pet startups.